The Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Guyana (WCCIG) founded by Mrs. Lyndell Danzie-Black and Mrs. Kerensa Gravesande-Bart in June 2019, is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to creating a collective voice for women and assisting women to achieve success and economic independence through business ownership and self-employment.

WCCG advocates for and actively works to create equal and fair business opportunities by fostering an environment that nurtures the growth of women-owned businesses in Guyana. We propel and support business success for our members through network building, collaboration, sensitization, educational resources, and advocacy in various areas.

The Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Guyana assists its members (women business owners) meet international standards and become certified to benefit equitably from procurement opportunities from major purchasing entities and certified minority and women suppliers. The Women’s Chamber membership includes women that reflect diversity in both ethnicity, industry and business stages.


Our Mission

A nonprofit business organization of empowered and diverse women dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of women through avenues of leadership, education, advocacy, and mentoring.


Our Vision

To provide opportunities and visibility for women in business through relationship building, personal and professional development, education, mentorship, partnership and alliances.


Our Values

–      Embrace transparency, integrity and ethical practices

–      Be an extraordinary resource for our members

–      Make a difference through leadership, mentoring and advocacy

–      Be inclusive for all women in business


Leadership Structure

President ———– Executive Director

Senior VP/Chair of the Board

Senior Director and Secretary of the Board

Director of Business Diversity ——-Membership Chairperson

Director of Outreach and Events (Treasure) – Fundraising Chairperson

Director – Training & Development




1. Strategic Planning and Governance

2. Thought Leadership Committee

3. Women Health

4. Marketing and International Outreach

5. Advocacy/Public Sensitization

6. Membership

7. Training and Development

8. HR Round Table

9. Steam

10. Women in Tech

11. Women/Youth Empowerment



1. To build capacity of our membership through educational seminars, workshops and bootcamp

2. To create a fora for members to interact, exchange lessons learnt and collaborate.

3. To create opportunities for membership through networking, fellowships, exchanges, leadership programs and professional membership

4. To create innovative opportunities for fundraising to support WCCIG’s program of work through hosting of signature events.

5. To sensitize/educate the public on the work of the WCCIG through community outreach

programs, youth development programs and scholarships.



–      Educational Seminars & Workshops

–      Monthly Business Owner Roundtables

–      Regional and International fellowships/exchanges

–      Networking Mixers

–      Leadership Programs – SBB + IPED

–      Corporate Women’s Leadership Event

–      Young Women Professional Group

–      Business Owner Bootcamp

–      Signature Events [Annual Ball, International Women Retreat]

–      School programs and scholarships

–      Community Outreach


Contact Us:

Kerri Gravesande-Bart | Chief Executive Officer | STRATEGIC RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS INC.

Address: 230 Camp Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana |Mobile: +592 600-1969

Email: kerri.gravesande@srsgy.com |

Website:  www.srsgy.com


Lyndell Danzie-Black| Managing Director | CERULEAN INC.

Address: Block XX Mandela Ave, Meadowbrook Gardens, Georgetown, Guyana

| Mobile: +592 674-0469

Email:  danzieblack@cerulean-management.com |

Website:  www.cerulean-management.com